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    In a call center industry, phone is very powerful tool especially when lining up and closing sales. It is very important that you know how to make sales calls effectively whether you're just initiating contact with a new lead, making a cold call, or following up certain prospect.
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    Nextg on Thursday, November 16, 2023
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    In a call center industry, phone is very powerful tool especially when lining up and closing sales. It is very important that you know how to make sales calls effectively whether you're just initiating contact with a new lead, making a cold call, or following up certain prospect. Telephone sales is an activity of selling or marketing company products and services by means of making telephone calls. Getting contacted thru phone is much preferable by many customers especially those senior-level buyers. It is also essential in a telephone sale that the representative knows well about the product and are reliable, responsible, and organized. They act as team players and has a good business skill to complete forms and create a detailed file for each customer they called.

    Telephone Sales Tips Needed to Improve your Sales Performance
    1.You need to conduct sufficient research
    - It is very useful when you first conduct research thru online resources like LinkedIn profile and prospect's website to help you better engage in a meaningful conversation. This can also help you build your confidence since you already got an idea about your contact because of your prior research.

    2.You should make your workspace call-friendly 
    -When you are not in the right environment it will give you hard time to focus on the conversation. It is important that when you engage on sales calls, you set yourself ready, quiet workplace free of distraction. On your desktop make sure you only have the relevant files or documents open. It will also help if you set your mobile phone hidden so you won't be tempted to check any notifications.

    3.You must master your script
    -Selling over the phone the writing and mastery of script will contribute for the success of your sales call. You need to also have an alternative dialogue for an interchange conversation that might happen during your call. Importantly, whether you have a good script, you must avoid reading it verbatim to make you sound like a robot. That is why mastery is being emphasized.

    4.You must project high energy
    -Even if it's already your repetitive work, you must project high energy so don't bore your leads and make your call sounds like boring. Make your voice louder and vibrant to make you feel confident and in control of your conversation to your leads. When you have a low spirit on your sales talk it can create a barrier in keeping your lead interested to what you are selling.

    5.You must have confidence in what you are selling
    -Set your focus that you are someone who adds value and help solve the problem rather than just selling. Understand the needs of your prospect, and present a potential options.

    6.You need to weave in personal details
    -Don't be afraid to show your human side when talking to your leads. You can integrate humor and ask about their day to break the ice and create a memorable sales experience.

    7.You must not stop dialing
    -In a sales call, you will really experience rejections and its normal. It is part of the game. You need to keep your pace on keep on dialing contacts. You need to set those rejections for it will help you to increase volume of opportunity through more dials. 

    8.You need to keep your focus on the prospect
    -This is one of the key aspects for an effective sales call. Respect your prospect's time, you can state before going into a conversation "Is this an okay time to chat?"
    And you can utilize some questions to better understand your prospect's budget and priorities. 

    9.You must record your calls 
    -This will help you evaluate your performance during your sales call and improve how you deal with your prospect.  You can also come up with a better technique that will be very useful on your next dial. 

    10.You must prepare your objections
    -You need to overcome sales objections and prepare written responses ready and master it to help you keep sharp and confident during the call.

    11.You need to invest in continuing professional development
    -Sales training is important and its never-ending part of sales team development. Trainings help representative to adopt new phone sales tips and techniques so they can improve their sales performance. 

    12.You need to establish next steps very clear
    -Whether you follow those sales tips, it is still important that you move your prospect into next stage of your sales like sending them email, follow ups or online advertising campaign. 

    Importance of Telephone Sales
    a.It helps your business reduced operational cost

    b.It can help you boost sales

    c.It can provide more interactive sales service

    d.It can expand your business reach easily

    e.You can easily acquire feedback on products and services

    f.It can create an effective database

    g.It will help you connect with the right decision makers

    h.It can help lead to face-to-face meeting

    i.It can keep track results

    The use of telephone helps businesses to create a personal touch and an opportunity to integrate a two-way communication to their customers and through the help of internet it is much easier to look for prospects and deal with them directly. If you're engage into sales calls, getting the right confidence and knowledge about what you are selling is important so you can control the call, and get into a meaningful conversation with your leads.

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